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RS 175  Refurbished
RS 175  Refurbished
RS 175  Refurbished
RS 175  Refurbished

RS 175 Refurbished

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Article number: B508676

Product Description

The Sennheiser RS 175 is a perfect complement to your home entertainment system. This digital wireless headphone delivers exceptional sound quality and freedom from wires. The ergonomic around ear, closed back design reduces background noise while providing an exceptionally comfortable fit. You’ll be immersed in the sound of your favorite music, TV or movies without disturbing anyone else in the room!

  • Sennheiser recommends this headphone for anyone wanting to enjoy music, movies or TV programs without wires or making a sound.
  • This headphone is compatible with any audio or video device that has an optical digital (toslink) or analog audio output (Left + Right RCA or 3.5mm output).
  • Did you know? An optional second set of headphones (Sennheiser HDR 175) can be added to the RS 175 system. This allows two people to listen wirelessly to the same program at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aivar S. (Tallinn, EE)

RS 175-U Refurbished

PC (Hull, GB)
Refurbished but like new.

I seemed to get onto the German site first but found my way to the English version .Excellent price, big saving on new but still with a 2 year warranty. Arrived within 2 days all original packaging and though refurbished there are like new. I did as I was told and charged them for 16 hours, All I can say is brilliant. I now don't have any trouble with dialogue on films and the backing music comes across as though you were sat in a film theatre. Just the job for an ageing film buff like me who has lost some hearing frequencies. Have told all my similar aged friends about them as they have hearing problems with TV as well. So glad my research on these thing led me to Sennheiser products.

John (Blackwood, GB)

Outstanding Service from Sennheiser Germany.
Mega fast delivery.
I must say I am impressed with the sound. Voices are cristal clear.
Wonderful Headphones.
Many Thanks

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