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HD 600 Refurbished
HD 600 Refurbished
HD 600 Refurbished
HD 600 Refurbished

HD 600 Refurbished

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Article number: B508824

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These headphones are engineered for the true audiophile. Thanks to an open circumoral design, computer optimized magnets and aluminum voice coils, you won't find cleaner, crisper stereo sound anywhere.

Customer Reviews

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Vytautas P. (Vilnius, LT)

HD 600 Refurbished

Max B. (Manchester, GB)

Great value

Roy (Paignton, GB)
Refurbished hd600’s

Cannot believe these are refurbished they are mint !
Thanks for the speedy delivery.

C. (Worms, DE)
HD 600 = Vocal King

First of all the, the "refurbished" HD 600 looked like new with only some flaws on the packaging, but I've received new products in worse conditions.
I already own a pair of HD 660s and finally pulled the trigger for the HD 600, which was the only headphone of the HD6.. line up I didn't hear back then when I bought the 660s, because I didn't like the oldish look of the HD 600 before 2019. The new modern look of the 2019 version fits the headphone really well, although I still prefer the all black look of the 660s slightly. Buildwise, the earcups of my pair of HD 600 touch each other in the middle of the headphone. I don't know if they adjusted the angle of the earcups or headband in comparision to my three year old HD 660s or if this difference is the result of the loss of clamp force over time. But on first sight this results in a slightly more bend shape of the HD 600 with significantly more clampf force, which I personally prefer.
Soundwise I have to admit that I immediately loved the HD 600. Coming from the 660s I've been used to the sound signature, which is pretty similar across the line and which I already loved. What really impressed me, was the sound of vocals. I've heard and owned a lot of "neutral" head- and earphones, but I rarely experienced a headphone where I had the feeling of "Yes, this is how vocals have to sound." So for me, this was basically the selling point of the HD 600. Detailwise the HD 660s is slightly superior to the HD 600. Regargind the soundstage I didn't really experienced a huge difference between the two headphones.
So if you loving vocals like me, I'd recommend you to go with the HD 600, otherwise you can grab either of the HD6..-line because they have much more similarities than diferences and sound great for "neutral" headphones.

T.B. (Duisburg, DE)
Like new.

i received a refurbished unit, which to me was not discernable from a new pair.

as far as the hd600 in general are concerned, considering it was released 25 years ago, you probably know everything about it already.

vocal representation is unmatched imo, and with a little bass shelf eq, bass slaps like yo mama.

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