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HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S
HD 560S

HD 560S

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Article number: 509144

Product Description

The HD 560S indulges the audiophile evaluating their music’s entire journey through the audio path. This open-back headphone is tuned to reveal the truth in your music without sacrificing the gratifying bass response needed to reproduce complex modern music—all at a breakthrough value.
Its transducers are angled to recreate the optimal triangular listening position for a wide, articulate soundstage. The lightweight design of the HD 560S gives the listener a “barely there” experience for extended listening sessions.
The low-impedance drivers offer the flexibility to reproduce hi-fi sound on virtually any of your audio devices such as portable digital audio players, laptops, A/V receivers, audio interfaces and more. A detachable 3 meter cable provides the perfect amount of freedom to access your gear, and features a 6.3mm plug with a flexible 3.5mm adapter. This combination of accuracy, wide sound field, smooth bass performance, and long-term listening comfort make the HD 560S suitable for hi-fi aficionados and music tasks alike.
Impedance 120 Ω
Frequency response 6 Hz to 38 kHz (-10 dB)
Sound pressure level (SPL) 110 dB (1 kHz / 1 V RMS)
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.05 % (1 kHz / 90 dB SPL)
Jack plug 6.35 mm with 3.5 mm adapter
Transducer principle dynamic, open
Weight w/o cable 240 g
Ear pad material Velour

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
M. (Cologne, DE)

Really comfortable and well balanced headphones.
Bass is lacking but that is to be expected with open-back headphones.

A.A. (Nuremberg, DE)
Good Headphones and love the Sounds

Good Headphones, these are sure a Gamechanger. I had a 30 Euro "Gaming" Headphone for 5 Years, so these had to be better.

M.R. (Moers, DE)

Best Headphones I have ever owned. Always wanted a pair of Sennheisers and this product does not dissapoint. Never enjoyed music more. Thank you Sennheiser!

abdalla s. (Perth, AU)

Should be the new standard of headphones. Simply superb.

Templar (Edgware, GB)
Relax, Peace, Sennheiser

I love this brand. I really enjoy the music and the nature voices. This headphone give me the fabulous experience. The true eargasm. :)

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