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AMBEO Soundbar Max (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Max (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Max (Sonova Employee Exclusive)

AMBEO Soundbar Max (Sonova Employee Exclusive)

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Article number: 508683

Product Description

Hear the future of home cinema in one beautiful bar.

Harnessing the power of a multi-speaker home cinema system in one sleek, state-of-the-art device, the AMBEO Soundbar delivers a 3D home audio experience like you´ve never heard before.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ivan K.

Really very nice soundbar - sound and design .

Vito N.

Well, I was afraid for the long travel that my Ambeo was going to do, but the soundbar and packaging arrived in perfect condition! I did the up-date of my old home theater based on 2 channell with amplifier. The result? Simply amazing. Ambeo is a real 5.1 channel. I do not need a subwoofer at all in my room (6x4 mt). I highly raccomend the Ambeo Soundbar!

Michael W.

This is my first product from sennheiser. Knowing nothing about soundbars, I watched and read reviews. I went to the forums and the message was clear, so I bought one. After calibration it sounded a little hollow, but with EQ and boost tinkering it now sounds full and crisp. If you close your eyes, this soundbar feels bigger than it already is.

Chrostian H.

The sound of the Ambeo ist great. For our huge room or small cinema (14x20x8 meters) we supported the sundbar with a good subwoofer, that wouldn't be necessary in a smaller room. Excellent.

leo a.

Tres bien. La spacialisation est très efficace. Par contre il faut absolument passer par l'application de téléphone pour régler les basses sinon c'est trop juste ou bien rajouter un subwoofer sinon.

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