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AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)
AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)

AMBEO Soundbar Plus (Sonova Employee Exclusive)

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Product Description

Welcome to a spine-tingling immersive experience, designed to give you goosebumps.

The new AMBEO Soundbar | Plus is developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IIS Institute. With its unique and intuitive calibration, you get the spaciousness of a movie theater in your home.

Designed to look good and easy to use, our AMBEO soundbars are compatible with all major hardware, codecs, wireless protocols, and voice assistants. Enjoy immersive 3D sound with Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, 360 Reality Audio and MPEG-H audio.

Did we mention that it‘s great for listening to music? The AMBEO Soundbar | Plus is everything you want from a high-fidelity audio device.


– State-of-the-art AMBEO virtualization, co-developed with the Fraunhofer IIS Institute, recreates a full 7.1.4 home theater system
– Immersive surround sound with built-in 4“ dual-subwoofers for thundering bass – Automated self-calibration to learn the acoustics of your room
– AMBEO virtualization can upmix any stereo content to create a room-filling sound stage
– Designed to perform with Sennheiser audio DNA. Seven High-end aluminum cone full-range drivers drive incredibly sharp fidelity and clear mids.
– Compatibility with Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, MPEG-H, and 360 Reality Audio


– Advanced AMBEO|OS connectivity: Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect with Dolby ATMOS Music support, built-in Google Chromecast
– Easily adjust and customize presets with the EQ and select from three different AMBEO virtualization levels (Light, Standard, Boost)
– Voice enhancement for better speech clarity and Night Mode for discreet listening at night –
Alexa built-in, works with Google Home and Apple HomeKit

Customer Reviews

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Antony O. (Edmonton, CA)
Pure Magic

I craved the Ambeo Max for a long time but this was a more accessible alternative when it was announced. This soundbar is just incredible for it's size, I must say it took a few hours for me to start to appreciate what's happening (break in or ears adjusting - take your pick). And it keeps getting better for both movies and music. Even with an oblong rectangular living space like my apartment with glass wall on one side, the Ambeo effect still manages come out so well. It's been great streaming, rewatching and relistening my collections come alive with this soundbar. Activating the Ambeo soundstage makes a huge difference in the immersive I'm not sure why there's an option to turn it off :). This is as close to getting a cinematic experience albeit on the smaller screen. Oh, my favorite part to relive with this soundbar is in Tenet movie (train yard scene) ;). May get an Ambeo sub at some point and see how far it pushes the already high sound bar.

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