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HD 660 S  Refurbished
HD 660 S  Refurbished
HD 660 S  Refurbished
HD 660 S  Refurbished
HD 660 S  Refurbished

HD 660 S Refurbished

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Numéro d'article: B508826

Product Description

The perfect blend of power and control, the HD 660S is a powerhouse open-back headphone with the versatility to connect you to the deepest corners of your music collection.

Known for their engaging signatures and liquid-smooth response, HD 660S predecessors HD 650 and HD 600 shattered performance barriers in the audiophile headphone category. The HD 660S transcends the best of that storied DNA with supernatural speed and effortless instrument reproduction—even at the bookends of the frequency spectrum. Utilizing an all-new transducer and specially ventilated drive unit, the HD 660S delivers the revealing, tack-sharp detail audiophiles demand without sacrificing the engaging dynamics that make music so enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
F. (Graz, AT)

Very good headphones, my first dip into better headphones and I really like them. I bought them refurbished and they arrived quickly and looked like brand new.


Extremely happy with the decision to buy ‘refurbished’ - they look absolutely brand new! Very impressed. For me their sound is near perfect: nicely controlled bass, detail and clarity. Highly recommended.

A.M. (Tilburg, NL)
well-known brand and a great product

Great product for consumer and pro users. For very critical listeners its better to calibrate with REW or similar tools.
Further, the product is in a new state, it is absolutely worth money spent.

J.S. (Helsinki, FI)
Refurbished are as good as new

I had one retail pair beforehand, and bought this refurbished set to use as PC headphones. My new motherboard (MSI Z690i Unify) has great support with headphone impedance sensing, so no need for external AMP/DAC with the 660s. Very happy with the sound quality, and the ease of wear.

Ari M. (Beverly Hills, US)

Nice and tightly controlled bass. Mids are neutral and detailed (not forward or recessed). Highs are balanced but not piercing and sharp. Driver and pad burn-in was very quick (<10 hours) and sound improved and became more cohesive.

10/10 build quality and comfort. 9/10 overall…would have liked a bit more sub bass extension.
Overall happy with the purchase, my favorite of the 6 series.

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